1. Members agree, as a condition of membership, to abide by the rules or the Club.
  2. Members should endeavour to promote the best interests of the Club at all times.
  3. Members will ensure that they use their craft in a responsible manner whilst on the water.
  4. Members will moor their craft in such a way as to avoid causing damage or injury to other river users, be they Club members or otherwise.
  5. Members will obey the recommended speed limit in operation between the Tubular and Wye bridges.
  6. Members must obtain insurance for their motorised craft, to indemnity third parties against injury and damage.
  7. Members will not hold the Club liable for damage or injury, howsoever caused.
  8. Members are expected to give full support and co-operation to the Moorings Officer and his deputy at all times, to enable them to carry out their duties effectively. Non co-operation with reasonable requests will be reported to the membership to consider possible actions.
  9. If the Moorings Officer or his deputy deems any member's craft or mooring etc to be unsafe, the member must take remedial action when requested to do so, and the matter will be referred to the next Club meeting.
  10. No Club member should use their craft tor the purpose of water-skiing between the Tubular and Wye bridges.
  11. Members should not leave the river bank area in an untidy state, particularly when working on their boats, and should actively help to keep it tidy and presentable, even if they were not responsible tor the mess in the first place.
  12. The Club will endeavour to provide suitable sites for those members who request moorings. This will be done with the co-operation of the Moorings officer and his deputies, in consultation with the Harbour Master at Gloucester Harbour Trustees, who are the statutory navigation authority.
  13. Members moorings should confirm to the specification and pattern recommended by the Club, and prior advice and approval must be sought from the Mooring officer before installation or replacement.
  14. Members should make every attempt to ensure that the outer face of the Club pontoon is kept clear of craft, unless the Mooring Officer has given his permission, except tor the temporary purpose of
    1. Matters of safety of life,
    2. Loading or unloading, or
    3. During a Regatta or Festival when a Club boat is being displayed or used tor the benefit of the Club.
  15. The surtaces ot the Pontoon must be kept clear at a times.
  16. Tenders only (up to a maximum of twelve feet) may moor on the ends of the pontoon provided that,
    1. they are securely moored such a way that they w not interfere with the manoeuvring of other craft wishing to come alongside the outer face or the pontoon; and
    2. The Club Moorings Officer has given permission.
  17. The Waste Water Pumping area, behind the chains, should be kept clear at all times.
  18. Members will be issued each year on renewal of membership (or on joining), with an Identity Permit to be displayed on each vessel, tender or trailer owned by them. The Permit will show their membership number and an expiry date.
  19. Members must carry out full inspection, annually, of their floating mooring, to ensure their safety.
  20. During the Summer Season, the following rules wilI apply:
    1. All empty trailers must be removed from the river bank area.
    2. Where practicable, all boats should be removed from the riverbank hard-standing. Those requiring long-term work should be re-located at Tallard's Marsh.

(Last updated: 8 April 2013, at the A.G.M.)