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The Club has a pontoon which is available 2 hours or so before and after H.W. at Chepstow. Those wishing to stay for more than an hour or so, will need to contact the Club Moorings Officer, or another officer.

The soft river bank slopes at a steep angle, so fin keel craft will need to take a line ashore from the masthead, and watch progress over the tide.

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moorings and facilities

In any event, craft alongside the Pontoon should not be left unattended for any length of time. The Boat Inn is adjacent to the Pontoon (open from 11.00am), where good food, coffee, telephone etc may be obtained.

There is a dedicated floating Visitor’s Mooring, check availability with the Mooring’s Officer. Please seek local advice before attempting to moor on the bank, pick up a vacant mooring, or use the dock. Anchoring is not advised without good local knowledge.

Chepstow  town has most of the facilities you are likely to require. Fuel, (not red diesel), and victuals can be obtained from Tesco. Water is available from a Hydrant near the dock. There is no Boat Chandlery or electricity.

There is a small slipway about 14 metres, or a little more; incline 30 degrees, muddy below H.W. +/- 1 hour. The slipway has flood defence gates, which are kept locked. If access is required, please make prior arrangements with the Mooring’s Officer.

PILOTAGE:  Imray chart  C59;    Admiralty chart   1166;    O.S. Pathfinder map 1131

If you can get past the old Chepstow Bridge (minimal clearance) for a sightseeing trip, you will enjoy the scenery of one of Britain’s most beautiful rivers, passing the imposing Chepstow Castle on the way.

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